Raised in Melbourne Australia, Mala's first interest in make-up came while tuning into horror movies and reading her brother's Fangoria horror magazines. In 1997 she went to New York City to study special effects, animation puppetry, mask making, and prosthetics.

Deciding to use her talent for good rather than evil, Mala became heavily involved in the Australian music industry creating countless original looks in music videos and CD art for A-list bands and performers.

Mala experimented within the British fashion and music industry as well as working in top hair salons around London where she defined and perfected her aesthetic.

In 2002, Mala returned to NYC working at the Robert Kree Salon in the heart of the West Village. After 5 years, she worked for Serge Normant Salon in the meat packing district. She now works independently as both a hair and make up artist, she collaborates with a wide range of talented artists throughout fashion and music.

Mala's diversity in anything creative comes naturally.

She is an artist dedicated to making her mark developing a strong clientele of both the FAMOUS and INFAMOUS growing continuously.

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